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About this page

This page is about me, my past, my present, my activities and other interesting stuff related to sign language interpretation in Pakistan.


About Me

My name is Aqeel ur Rehman Hameed and I feel excited to show you my interpreting portfolio. I have created this website and will be updating my pages and other activities regularly. I am basically based in Karachi but I often travel to other places as well for interpreting tasks.

My education includes a Masters degree in Audiology and Speech pathology from University of Karachi as well as another Masters degree in Public Administration (Human Resource Management) from University of Karachi. I am in my final stages of completing my M. Phil degree from University of Karachi.

One of the main reasons I enjoy interpreting is that we can never learn too much. Each news story read, debate watched, or class taken could be the topic of an interpreting assignment. I love the fact that each day is different with the chance to meet so many new and interesting people, both Deaf and hearing.

A few interesting facts about me: after completing my masters, I joined ABSA School & College for the Deaf as Teacher of the Deaf. This job first introduced me to sign language. This lead to what I am now. I am an active member of Deaf community and often provide my services on voluntarily basis i.e. without any charge to the people who can't afford.

When I’m not working, I enjoy travelling to remote natural places, getting involved in social activities and making new friends.

Social Media Accounts
LOCATION: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.
PHONE: +92(333)2200994

Recent Works

I have been doing various sign language assignments both locally and internationally. Some of the recent assignment that I did were in Bangkok and Duabi.


    Establishment of first Association of Pakistan Sign Language Interpreters under process.

  • PSL Course

    Pakistan Sign Language course is scheduled to be starting soon. Register soon, seats are limited.

  • Consultative Meeting

    Fifth Consultative meeting of sign language interpreters to be held in August, 2017 for the finalization of PSL Interpreters forum.

  • Coming soon

    News section will be updated regularly. Do visit again. Thanks.

Contact me

For booking and assignments, you can directly contact me on my phone number or via email.